Offshore Energy Game

How does the Offshore Energy Game work?

The goal of the offshore energy game is to meet the energy demand of the mainland with green energy from the sea. The complexity and learning outcomes of the game are hidden within all the possible options. Discussion among the participants is needed in order to make the most optimal decisions. Every decision the participants make, affects the costs and sustainability of the project and the energy grid. 

By using the existing energy pipelines and cables and all kinds of energy sources like: electricity, hydrogen, heat, methane and co2 to show the different kinds of options. To make it even more realistic we added gaming elements like an energy market and multiple connection points to the mainland. We’re using three levels to introduce the complexity. Each level has its own new challenges. With over a million possible scenarios on level 3, you will (probably) never play the same scenario twice. 

Workshop information

The workshop starts with a short introduction. Then the participants will start with level 1. Depending on the group and wishes of the client the participants will continue with either level 2 or level 3. After the game there will be room for discussion and the solution of each group will be presented.  By doing the plenary group discussion the problems and solutions of each individual  group will be shared and discussed, resulting in new insights. 

Practical information

  • Amount of groups: max. 6
  • Amount of participants per group: max. 5
  • Totaal amount of participants: max. 30 
  • Duration of the workshop: 2 hours

Our prices are customized. The price is based on: preparation time, distance, group size and material costs. 


Level 1 is used as an introduction. There is a certain amount of energy demand that needs to be exported to the contactpoint on the mainland. It doesn’t really matter which form of energy is used, as long as the factors are taken into consideration and the final score is above 0. 

The energy sources in level 1 are: elektricity, hydrogen and heat. 

Level 2 introduces new elements. The goal is to bring a certain amount of specific energy sources to a contactpoint, but the overproduction of co2 needs to be taken into consideration. The leftover co2 needs to be stored or transformed to methane. 

Level 3 this is where the real thinking happens. There are four contactpoints with an energy demand. Each contact point has its own randomized energy demand. With 16 different energy demands, on 4 contact points, there is a very slim chance that the same scenario is played twice. This means that there are impossible to solve scenario’s, in the current situation. Which makes the game extra realistic and opens up the opportunity for discussion and conversation about what needs to be changed in the future. 

Learning outcomes

  • Awareness
  • Increasing the level of knowledge
  • Insights in the (im)possibilities of energy production and transportation on sea

Offshore Energy Game Online

Interrested in playing the full version of the Offshore Energy Game Online? Contact us!

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